Can't make eM Client defualt in Windows 10

I can’t make eM Client the default for emails on Windows 10.
Settings ->  System -> Default apps shows eM Client as default as below
However, eM Clinet shows this in Tools -> Settings -> Make default:

Using send to email in Explorer context menu still goes to my old email program.
Any ideas.

this issue could be cause by not having .NET Framework 3.5 installed.
Follow these instructions from Microsoft support’s answer to install it and see if the issue persists >…

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Hello Olivia,
I tried that, but unfortunately it didn’t work.
Thank you

Does emClient need .Net 3.5 for this feature only?

If not the installer should take care of this, shouldn’t it?

Have you tried removing the default setting and applying it again after installing the .Net framework?
If that doesn’t help, I think it might be best to contact Microsoft support on why Windows 10 doesn’t respect it’s own default apps setting.


Hi Mike,
using the default apps after setting them up should be Windows’ feature, not eM Client’s. I just searched for similar problems and tried to help.
This is a Windows 10 issue and unfortunately we do not know why it is happening.

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Go old school. I clicked the “Set defaults by app” link at the bottom of Default Apps to display an old standby: the Set Default Programs control panel and set eM Client to be the default for everything it could.
Thanks for your help Olivia.
I’m very impressed with eM Client.

Thank you for sharing the solution with us.

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