Can't link to Gmail

Can’t link to Gmail - login credentials fail. Same credentials I use to login directly online. Must be something other than username/password.

Hi Richard,

" Must be something other than username/password."

Yes, you’ve got that right…
Below an extract of my post a few days ago:
"Secondly, related to Gmail - There are several authentication methods for Gmail.
1.The simplest is to lower the security settings for the email client, but you will get frequent security reminders from Google if you make it a permanent setting,
2.* A better one it to use an App password - this is a code - generated by Google
    that you use instead of your regular password for the email client- 
    such as eM  Client and others. 
    You regular password can still be used for web login.
3.Then there is 2FA - 2 Factor Authentication -a bit more involved …

You can read all about it here. Read all sections.
* Sign in using App Passwords

Turn on 2-Step Verification

I’ve had to use this (App password) starting more than 1 year ago.


For myself I prefer an App password but your choice may be different.



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I have the same problem. Gmail was OK until Google increased the security on Gmail accounts. Then I got message that Gmail could not be accessed because eM Client was not secure. Went into my Gmail account and reset security to low-level. But still could not access Gmail from eM Client; now username or password were incorrect, although they were same as used to access Gmail directly! Now will see if I can change to an App password, as suggested above.