Cant Launch - Folder Permission

I installed emClient on a new system the other day.  As i always do, i set the default storage location to a different non-windows drive.   I was trying to troubleshoot a persistent disc activity issue, and i suspected emClient might be writing to the disc since that is where the database wa stored.  I opened emClient, and switched the storage location to a folder INSIDE the emClient install folder, as this seemed a good place to store it.

I restarted emClient, and now im getting the error…

“The database location was set to a path that is not accessible, or you dont now have sufficient privileges to access it.  The default database location will be used instead”.

…and then immediately after that…

“The application cannot access the default database location C:\users\etc etc… because of folder permissions. Please contact you computer administrator”.

… well im the administrator.  Im the only user on the system.  I tried following an online guide to taking ownership of the folder it asks for, and i got an error doing that as well.

So the obvious solution, uninstall and reinstall!   Nope, that doesnt work either.  Something is left behind when uninstalling that is preventing emClient for forgetting whats going on.  This obivoulsy didnt happen 2 days ago when I first installed emClient, and now I cant seem to get out of this loop.

Any suggestions?..

Unfortunately moving the database to a system folder was a very bad idea. I guess you never considered that the developers stored it by default in the %appdata% folder with all other Windows application’s data for a reason.

You can try using an application like Revo to remove all traces of eM Client from the registry, then install it again.

no i didnt consider.  i also dont undestand why, as the sole user and administrator for this system, windows still treats me like a burglar all the time.  im not even allowed to use my own folders.

anyway, i just did a system restore to yesterday.  just restarted from that.  somehow emclient was fully returned, despite my completely wiping it from C:.   It took a second to do its usual database check after a bad shutdown, and then it was fine.

I moved the database to a different drive, but i think i also found the cause of the disc activity, which was NOT emClient.  so, we all learned something… yay!

Going forward, try not to save data in system folders. :wink:

Glad everything is working again Aaron.