can't import the settings.xml file

Hello All,

I’m a pro user and I have a ticket open on this but it’s quite slow getting responses, so trying here also. EmClient was running very slow, so I was advised to export all the data to another folder, re-start and import back in, to see if things improved.

However, having exported the data to the new storage folder and being asked to import the settings.xml file back into the program, it appears there is no settings file that I can see in the new folder, therefore I can’t import the data back.

The net result of this is that I now have a completely blank em client program and can’t use any email, which is a major problem because I’m using this for work.

Does anyone know how to fix this please?

There is a difference between settings and data.

Exporting your data will export only the email messages, events and contacts, depending on which you selected. It will not export the settings. Exporting settings will do items like email account logins, templates, Rules etc. It does not contain your email messages, events or contacts. So these are two different things. Exporting data will not include settings, and exporting settings will not include data.

If you want to import data, don’t select to import settings. If you want to import settings, don’t choose data.

Best is to just restore the backup that Support should have advised you to make before doing anything, then you are back to square one.

Hi Gary,

They didn’t advise a back up, I was just asked to change the storage folder to a new folder, export everything to the new folder, re-start the program and import the settings file, but it’s not working.

The original data presumably is still in the original folders. How would you go about importing all the old data back? At the moment I can’t get it running from the new folder or the old one.

Okay, I’ve managed to point it back to the original storage folder so it’s loaded everything back in thankfully, I just have the slow loading times to resolve but no panic on that

Some things that can affect that are when the database is stored on a mechanical hard disk, especially the slower rpm ones found in pre-SSD laptops or sometimes purchased for desktops because of the lower price. The now common usage of SSDs in both laptop and desktops has helped with that tremendously, not only with eM Client, but with the OS in general.

Conversation mode can also slow down eM Client. You can disable that in Menu > View > Conversations and see if there is any difference.

If the issue is just the original startup time, well that was almost instant about a year back, then some things were changed with the application and now it takes a few seconds to start. Nothing you can do about that except to downgrade to an older version.

Obviously, using the latest version available in the Release History should have any fixes for issues that may be causing problems. If you are not already on the latest, maybe update and see if there is any difference.

Hi Gary,

No, it’s not really the start up time, it’s when I go to print out an email, where it used to show the preview of the email to print very quickly, you would just hit the print button and you get your print out, but after the update, it now seems to take 5 to 10 seconds to load the preview so you end up hitting the print button out of habit and you just get a blank page, it’s infuriating after a while.

Also when I compose a new email, it takes quite a few seconds to load the new page with the email headers etc - but it didn’t do all of this before.

If you use the program just for personal use you can probably put up with it but we’re using it in our office at work and the slow loading speeds does become a bit of a problem because we’re performing these functions constantly through the day

Yeah, there were some changes made to the way eM Client renders, and I think that slowed things down a bit. If you can remember which version it was that worked OK, then uninstall eM Client making sure not to delete the database directory when asked. Then download the previous version you were using from the Release History and install it. All your data and settings will be there when you have finished, and hopefully you will find things a bit faster like you were used to.

If you can’t remember, 7.2.35595 is a good option to try. It is fairly recent so has the same functionality, but none of the issues.