Can't import local folders

I’ve just done a Windows 10 upgrade. In bringing eMC up, I find my local folders are empty or gone. I logged back into Win 7 (dual boot system) and did an export. I have hundreds of emails and probably 50 folders.

Logging back to Win10, I did an import of .eml files from what I just exported and aimed it at what remains of my old local folders. Unfortunately, it wanted me to pick just one folder. After it ran, about 15 min, I looked at the local folders and nothing. No change at all. I have no idea where this imported email went. Did it go into my main inbox? 

I want to repopulate all my original local folders.

Thanks for any help.

Hello, unfortunately it is not possible to import items into the separate default Local folder structure, in order to do that, you’d have to import items for Inbox and other folders separately. To import your items, all you need to do is to navigate to File > Import and select the folder you want to import your items from and To, eM Client will then import the separate items.

You should also be able to import items by drag and dropping the items from your computer into the selected folder.


The problem is to see the old local folders i have to logout, restart and boot to a different Windows OS (dual boot system).

What if I had the old email/folders structure in a different user account on the new Win10 OS. Would that make import easier?

Can I just grab the actual folders/files from the place eMC stores them and do a copy? I do not want to alter general settings however, so do not want everything, just email.

I did an export on the old Win7 and an import on Win10 and it ran for 20 min but do not see where the folders went. is there a tutorial somewhere that explains the principles of local folders, what they are and how they work?

Thanks for the help!

OK, just found the imported folders from yesterday. They are in a new subfolder under Local Folders. Since it ran for so long, I knew they had to be sitting somewhere.  All ok now.

I have a few unwanted empty folders under Local Folders. How can I delete them? 

    junk E-email
         imported_email (I must have created this one but it’s emtpy)


You should be able to remove any user-created folders by right clicking the folder in the left pane and select “Delete”, however you Junk E-mail is a default local folder and can’t be removed. The More folder is only displayed when you select to hide a folder (right click the Junk E-mail folder and select Show in order to move it back to the folder tree). You can hide unwanted folders under More by right clicking the folder and selecting “Hide”.

Hope this helps,

OK, great. I finally figured this out. Thanks!

I still have the irregular and intermittent problem where I can’t delete email. I highlight it, hit the delete key and it goes away for a milli-second then pops back. I can temporarily cure the problem by emptying TRASH or doing a TRASH repair. That fixes it 100% of the time, until it reoccurs minutes to hours later or maybe tomorrow. I do not see a regular pattern.

Any suggestions on how I can further diagnose the cause?


Not quite sure what you’re referring to, are you experiencing this while removing items from local folders or from one of your IMAP/POP accounts while using eM Client? What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About?

What mail service are you using with eM Client, are you using a Gmail account?


I have ATT/Yahoo IMAP mail. Not sure if this also happens with local folders, but I’m mainly concerned about the ATT IMAP account.

This started many months ago. It’s also possible it started when I switched from POP to IMAP when we got the iPhones and I set up iCloud syncing. Everything is synced with iCloud (iPhone/iPad).  The syncing works fine.


I’m finding that the issue of “can’t delete” may be “self healing” if I wait a while. Could there be some sort of temporary conflict? maybe can’t delete during a download or sync?

Hello, it’s not possible to remove folders that have a subfolder, but if the server is synchronising the folder while you remove it conflict may be present, I’m glad you were able to resolve the problem.


These are new emails I’m deleting, not folders. However, the problem has not happened for a few days. it’s very erratic.

thanks for the ongoing great support!