Can't get rid of my photo on emails

I recently installed eM Client to view my BT emails. After putting in my bt email and password it all transferred over nicely. It showed a really old photo of me as my avatar and asked if I wanted it. I said no and chose one with squiggly lines instead.

However, I emailed my sister and my photo is showing up on the email.

i’ve looked through all the settings but can’t find any way of getting rid of the photo avatar.

Can someone help with this?

errrmm… and yes, it’s that horrible photo that’s appeared on this posting, from who knows where!

I see the same avatar for your email address as you have used here on the forum.

The avatar is not part of the message, so not sent from eM Client. Rather, it is sourced from the Internet and used by email apps that support showing contact avatars. So from sources like Gravatar.

So, I would go into all my email accounts, e.g. gmail, hotmail and btmail and get rid of any avatars?
I didn’t think they were active, but will check.

With email services like hotmail and gmail, the avatar can be taken from your Microsoft or Google accounts associated with those email addresses. Login to the account in your web browser and remove or change it there.