Can't Get Messages Off ISP Webmail Inbox eMClient Inbox

I want to download all messages to the eMClient Inbox and remove them from the ISP server webmail Inbox. How do I do this?

Does your ISP offer IMAP or POP3? If your ISP only offers IMAP, you need to setup a mail rules to copy incoming mails to the local folder and delete them. You set the mails rule under: Tools -> Rules.

Tried to get this set up to download all mail downloaded to a folder I created…went through all the steps but keep getting message: “A required value for rule condition “from people” was not set”. Cannot seem to satisfy whatever “value” it wants.

Once you are at the new rule wizard window:

  1. Apply custom rule on message I receive

  2. At conditions: Select ‘Process with account’, and choose the mail account by clicking the underlined ‘account’ in the box below.

  3. At actions for rule: Select ‘move to folder’ and ‘delete mail’. And again, choose the folder you want the mails being move to be clicking on the word underlined ‘folder’ by the box below.

  4. Click on finish.

Still getting the same message: “A required value for rule condition “from people” was not set.”

All I want is to get my messages off my Inbox at the server and downloaded to my email client.

I have installed and uninstalled 4 email clients, so far, because they either would not let me download the mail to my computer’s email client and/or there was a problem with email address groupings.

Sorry, will uninstall eMClient and keep looking for something that is simple and that WORKS.

Thanks for the responses. Sorry it didn’t work.

If you getting that error message that means you simply didn’t follow my steps. At step 2, I mentioned to choose ‘Process with account’ NOT ‘from people’. The ‘from people’ condition is used only if you want to filter e-mails from certain people you receive e-mails from. You need to process by account which implies your actual e-mail account (all e-mails of your account).

I’m not sure which 4 e-mail client you tried, but using mails rules WILL be the method need to be used. And if you happen to use Outlook Express, Outlook or even Thunderbird - near identical steps would be needed for this to work.

The most simple method is to ask see if your mail provider support POP3. If they do, change to POP3 server instead of using IMAP.