Can't get free license to be approved

About 18 months ago I loaded emclient on to my Windows 7 laptop and took out the free licence, all worked well.

About a month ago I stripped everything off my laptop to solve several issues (nothing to do with emclient) and re loaded the laptop from backup discs. I reinstalled emclient and after a month I got a warning that I could not use it any more unless I licensed it. I tried to take out the free license but got a message:

A problem has occurred when contacting the licensing server: ActivateLicenseFromApplicationEx failed.

I don’t know if your system is confused because I have already registered for a free license a year or so ago, so won’t let me apply again.

I have tried switching off the antivirus and the firewall all without success and I don’t use a VPN. My unlicensed days of usage are ticking by and I am keen to get the free license valid again before I am locked out.

The version I am using is 9.2.2157 (5b49542).

Can you help please? Jim

One possibility is that because TLS 1.2 is not enabled in Windows 7, it won’t connect to our server.

You should enable TLS 1.2 and see if there is any difference.

Hello Gary,
Thanks, I followed all that carefully, but regretfully it hasn’t solve the problem.

Unfortunately we have not officially supported Windows 7 for some time, and as we continually increase security on our servers, the older OS versions may not connect because they are no longer updated by Microsoft.

But if enabling TLS 1.2 does not resolve it, there is one other possibility and that is you have old Let’s Encrypt certificates on your device. You can install the certificate we have on this page and see if it helps.

If it doesn’t, unfortunately you won’t be able to use eM Client unless you upgrade your OS.

Hey Gary,
You really are a top man, that worked fine, thank you so much. JIm