Can't Find Outbox

Just installed em Client a couple of days ago. Today I sent an email with a picture attached and didn’t resize it. It just keeps sending. I have not smart folders. I can’t find Outbox. I’ve done searches but not I found nothing that works to find outbox. This happened the other day when my wife forwarded a larger message and I kept clicking on the left side and eventually the outbox came up but not today. Help please

Click “Menu / Settings / General” and click “Show Local Folders” as in 1st screenshot below.

Once enabled scroll down the bottom left and you will see the Outbox under Local Folders as in the second screenshot example below.


Thank you very much. That worked. The show local folders was checked before but none were shown. I will have to do some studying up on this system. Thanks again.

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Thank you, this fixed the problem of a failed email continually being sent (every 10 minutes) for me too. I was trying to find the outbox in gmail originally, didn’t think the resends were being done by EM Client :slight_smile: