Can't find emtheme file color fields for : icons, Settings window button borders, text fields etc.


Can anyone tell me which fields in the emtheme file correspond to the white (or near-white) colors, including Button border and text field backgrounds,  in my Setup window.  Also the blue text in said text field windows. I’ve attached a screen shot to demonstrate.  If anyone knows where those fields are (or if they are), please let me know - I’ve tried the obvious ones. e.g. set anything with “Border” to a dark beige (#85856C), which btw is the main background color you are seeing in the screenshot.  

Also, what about icons, including the flag, attach, and mail (envelope) icons on the main page? Are these colors adjustable ?

Much appreciated,

p.s. the emtheme file in question is at :

Hi Bob.

I don’t think that the theme can alter everything. :slight_smile: