Can't find attachments

I received an email last month with an attachment. Today I needed to go back and find that attachment. I did a search and found the conversation. Located the email where the sender said that they attached the PDF… But there is no where that I can find to click on that attachment.
Is this a user error or a program error :wink:

When using the conversation mode with “all views” it can be confusing because emails in the message listing a compressed into one line and you need to look through each email in the conversation to see what you want.  A couple of ideas–

1.  Go to menu/view/conversations and select “Show conversations in message detail only”.  This will show a separate message listing item for each email rather then grouping on one line.  Tis makes reviewing selection results MUCH easier

2.  Click on the email address for the desired sender in the message list and in the far right pane, select “Contact Details” and then the “Attachments” tab.  It will display every attachment sent by that sender.