Can't find archived mail

OK, so I set up automated email archiving and moved the db to a network folder. After all calamities have been resolved and the automated archiving has run, I cannot find any archived email.

Actually, all emails between 24.10.2018 and 18.6.2020 are gone from the inbox and cannot be found in the archive folder (except, weird enough, 3 mails on a very special topic, which I did not realize that were saved).

Not being a beginner, I have changed the setting back to the db on my local disc. And restartetd em Client. Now, for a brief 5 seconds or so i could actually see, that there were older emails from the beginning of 2020 but, puff, instantly gone and the restored views look just like the one that I had just left on the network drive.

OK, long story short: I am missing about 700 emails between Oct 24 2018 and Jun 18 2020 and I don’t know, where to look any more. Does anyone have a suggestion, where they could have been archived to?

I would suggest to try restoring your EM Client database via “Menu / File / Restore”.

Thank you for your reply. Didn’t work though: nothing was restored when I clicked on that.

However: at some point in trying to restore stuff, magically a second “Archive”-folder appeared, which contained the old emails. So I am good now.

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