Can't figure out how to set up an automated out of office reply


I can’t figure out how to set up an automated out of office message. When I go to tools there is no option for it. Is that because I’m using the free version?


If “Automatic Replies” for eg: Out of Office replies is not under the Tools menu, then that usually means either “you haven’t clicked on the Inbox or Inboxes first” before going to Tools, or “none of your email accounts are supported locally” as the Automatic Reply option works off your Server account.

So “First click on your account Inbox or Inboxes” and then “Click on the Tools menu” in eM Client and see if the Automatic Replies option appears as per the below eM Client V9.2 for Windows and Mac Gmail IMAP examples.

If it still doesn’t appear on the menu, “you will then have to then go online to your Webmail” and setup automatic replys there. Most modern mail accounts though are supported in local automatic replies.

(eM Client Mac Gmail Inbox IMAP example)


(eM Client for Windows Automatic Replies menu option)


(eM Client for Mac Automatic Replies menu option)


(Gmail account Inbox automatic reply screen on Mac example)

(See eM Client online help documentation on Automatic Replies)