Can't edit a draft email for Yahoo

I have a handful of accounts like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook and even custom servers, but for some reason draft messages in Yahoo are read-only with no possible way I can find to edit them.

I found one thread where someone suggested turning off conversation view, that didn’t work.

I am going directly in the Drafts folder and double-click it. It just opens in a popup and it’s read-only. There is no edit button or any way to continue typing.

I know the Draft folder is synchronized because I can go to Yahoo website and also see it in the Draft folder and edit it from there. I just can’t edit at all from eM.

For example, if I click “New Message”, type “test”, then save and close. Wait a few seconds, then double-click the draft, it’s already read-only. So it has nothing to do with size of message or attachments or other factors.

My only solution is start my new message all over again and copy/paste the previous draft version and then delete the previous draft after I send.
I used the “Repair” feature on the Draft folder but that didn’t help.

I have version 9.0.1708. I clicked the menu to check for updates and it said there aren’t any.

What could this be?