Can't edit a draft email for Yahoo

I have a handful of accounts like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook and even custom servers, but for some reason draft messages in Yahoo are read-only with no possible way I can find to edit them.

I found one thread where someone suggested turning off conversation view, that didn’t work.

I am going directly in the Drafts folder and double-click it. It just opens in a popup and it’s read-only. There is no edit button or any way to continue typing.

I know the Draft folder is synchronized because I can go to Yahoo website and also see it in the Draft folder and edit it from there. I just can’t edit at all from eM.

For example, if I click “New Message”, type “test”, then save and close. Wait a few seconds, then double-click the draft, it’s already read-only. So it has nothing to do with size of message or attachments or other factors.

My only solution is start my new message all over again and copy/paste the previous draft version and then delete the previous draft after I send.
I used the “Repair” feature on the Draft folder but that didn’t help.

I have version 9.0.1708. I clicked the menu to check for updates and it said there aren’t any.

What could this be?

Well explained “guyinpv”.

I have had the exact same problem for quite a number of weeks now.

Also only with Yahoo mail, not with Outlook mail.

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The issue is that the server appears to remove the drafts flag on those messages after a short time, so they are no longer editable. There is something you can do though.

Go to Menu > Accounts and click on the Diagnostics tab for this account.

In the Advanced Options Parameters box, paste this text:


Then click on Save & Close. This will only work with eM Client version 9.


Astonishing Gary… my Drafts have been restored to Drafts right away.

Such an escape from a real limitation…

Thanks very much Gary.

Thanks also guyinpv for framing the question so well.

Amazing! Had to exit and open the app for it to apply, but it worked.

Score another oddball issue with Yahoo. I’d get rid of it if I didn’t have 30 years of my life in there.


Score another oddball issue with Yahoo. I’d get rid of it if I didn’t have 30 years of my life in there.

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When I open an unsent draft I cannot edit.

Well, to begin, you can only edit drafts in the Draft folder.

But if you are in the Draft folder, and it won’t edit, follow my instructions above. They are meant for Yahoo! accounts, but should work for any server that removes the draft flag from those messages.