Can't drag and drop pic from Windows 10 Photos app

This is using eMClient v8.

I believe we used to be able to use v7 and drag and drop a pic from within the Windows 10 Photos app directly into an eMClient compose message window but can’t do it now - think it relates to upgrade to v8.

Is this something we should still be able to do? Is there maybe a setting I need to change?

Yes you can still do that with V8.

1). Open Windows “Photos App”
2). Next check the box at the “top right” of the picture. (Don’t click the picture to open it or is not tick).
3). Then while checked, “drag the picture into eM Client body” and it will appear inline.
4). You can then eg: resize the picture by “clicking on the image once” in the body of the email.

Alternatively rather than drag and drop, you can click the photo to (open it fully) in Windows 10 Photos app, and then “right click on the opened photo” and finally click “copy” and then "paste that in the body of your email which will also appear inline.

Thanks very much (especially for being so quick to answer). That seems to work for me now. I would prefer to have the photos be treated as attachments rather than embedded within the message body . . . do you know if there is a way to do that?

Yes if you want the Photo to drag and drop “as an attachment” rather than inline in eM Client, drag the photo and put the word “Copy” (directly on the subject line) as in the drag and drop example below.

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Fantastic. Thank you so very much, that’s just what I needed.

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