Can't download mail

I’ve just reinstalled eM and it seems to be trying to download my gmail but the mail never appears. Contacts seem to have synced but the mail necer arrives. Tried three times on seperate days. I was using Bluemail before and that dies the same. I can see mail with Bluemail for android and theiugh Google Mail on desktop. Any ideas?

If you are not seeing your Gmail arrive in your Inbox with eM Client or Bluemail, then you might havre something running resident on your computer possibly blocking it.

Programs such as Optionally installed eg: Firewall / Security programs or Optionally installed Antivirus programs or VPNs etc can sometimes cause interference. So if you have anything like that installed other than what comes default with your OS, then try completely disabling those to test. Then close and reopen eM Client and see if it works.

Apart from that, these are the Gmail IMAP Server settings for eM Client via “Menu / Accounts”.