Can't disable auto-correct

Is auto-correct something new? I’ve noticed it for some weeks because it is constantly auto-correcting incorrectly.

Have been into preferences/general/spellcheck and unticked all 3 boxes (and restarted). That made no difference; it still spell checks and still auto-corrects. That can’t be right?

Can’t find a setting to specifically disable auto-correct but surely there must be one somewhere?
Happy with spell-checking but exceedingly unhappy with auto-mangle.

Mac version 9.2.1628 (a307a94).

That is a function of the Mac OS, not eM Client.

You can disable it in System Settings > Keyboard > Text Input. Edit the Input Sources and just slide the option next to Correct Spelling automatically.

martes 25 abril 2023 :: 1141hrs (UTC +0100)

I believe that could be a Mac feature, I do not have a Mac available at the moment to check, but from memory…

On your Mac: choose Apple menu ->System Settings ->then click Keyboard in the sidebar. (You may need to scroll down.) ->Go to Text Input on the right ->then click Edit ->Turn on/off “Correct spelling automatically”, then click Done.

Sorry if I am wrong, some will correct if so.

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Excellent advice - thanks. I didn’t realise that general Mac setting applied to all apps - suppose I should have. Have now switched it off, and switched the em Client spell check back on so I get the red underlining but no auto-[mis]correct :slight_smile:

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