Cant delete some emails

I have been using eM client for a month or so and with no problems. I have 2 accounts on it, and using the free version.
one account is pop3, the other is IMAP, which is where the problem appears to be.
I have 5 email, which are shown in the inbox and click any of these shows nothing in the preview window.
I tried the delete key, right click delete and the Delete on the top of the client. All are the same, none will delete.
I have restarted and still they are there.
Other emails come along and can be deleted with no problem.
I previously used outlook 2003 with no problem.


Right-click on the folder and choose Properties > Repair. If it is a Gmail or Gsuite account, right-click on the All Mail folder instead. See if that makes any difference.

Hello, Mick,
I have an idea:
Go to the website of your mail account, go directly to your mail account and check if these mails are there and try if you can delete them and empty the trash there. Then restart eM Client and check if these mails are still there.

Thanks for the relies…

  1. Tried the repair option (on inbox) and it failed. Interestingly, the email that still exist (not deleted, disappear and then come back, the emails that are rogue, stay there!
  2. I went to the email Web version and they are gone from there. I also deleted trash.
    I am not using Gmail.

Some is residual.
Thanks very much anyway

So this account is IMAP. Just remove it from eM Client, then add it back again. 

I will try that later, maybe convert it to pop 3. I use BlueMail on my android phones and no issues there, obviously on my phone, I don’t delete from server.

This is now fixed.
I deleted the account, all the messages and folders disappeared, I re-added and it is working again!! :slight_smile: