Can't delete emails from Gmail which are not in "Inbox"


Short: I’m not able to delete emails from Gmail, which are not in Gmails “Inbox”.

A little longer:

  • I’m only using em client for emails 
  • getting all mails from Gmail
  • Delete mails from Gmails
  • Problem: After restarting em client a lot of emails from gmail are there again (as unread)
    -> Stupid workaround: I have to delete these emails directly using gmail online

The problem is: all these emails are not within the “Inbox” on Gmail (or labeled with “inbox”)

When you delete an email that is not in the inbox, it will only delete it from the “folder” which you delete it from.  This is because a message may be in many “folders”, so it will leave it in other “folders”, including the all mail folder.

I think (???) there is an exception for items in the inbox and in no other “folders”.  It then will delete the message.

The workaround is to delete the message from the all mail folder.  It then should disappear completely.

Thank you for the clarification. So I have to find out, why these items are in different folders.

They may not be an any other folder except the one you are deleting it from, but eM Client does not know this.  So, to be safe it leaves it in All Mail.