Can't delete birthday

I have tried to delete a birthday from the Birthday calendar. I had this on an annual recurrence with no end date. When I opened the event there was no way to “edit” or “delete” it. I simply deleted it from the calendar, and now I get constant error messages:
“the delete action is not supported for this property.” There is a red triangle with exclamation point telling me of this error. How do I get rid of the error message and the red triangle?


In another calendar (not eM Client) I had the same problem, because the calendar took the birthdates from the contacts. So I only could delete them in the contacts. Hope this could help.

Normally the birthday calendar is read-only. So you can’t delete the events.

As it is generated by the server, you will need to delete the contact, or delete the birthday from the contact, and it will eventually be removed when it syncs to the calendar.