Can't deactivate exchange services as mail, contacts etc.

I have a calendar from my university that is accessible through exchange. On android, thunderbird and windows mail. I can select the services i want to sync, which in this case is the calendar and nothing else. I can then deselect them and they will not show up in the client or attempt to sync.
I’m a new emclient user, i thought i’d give it a try as windows mail doesn’t support dictionaries, and i’ve used thunderbird for so long i thought i should try something different. I’ve looked figuratively everywhere and can’t find the option to not sync mail, contacts and whatever other services are included in exchange.

Unfortunately the implementation of Exchange in eM Client does not allow separate services.

One option is if the Exchange server has the DavMail extension, which allows you to access calendars through CalDAV.

I don’t know if it uses caldav. But it’s super annoying as the exchange doesn’t allow contacts sync, which means since i can’t disable it i get a error popup every time it attempts to sync contacts.

You would need to ask the server admin if CalDAV is implemented. If it is, it is really easy to add a CalDAV account. Just go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, and add a new account. Select Calendar > CalDAV. That will sync just the calendar, so no messages or contacts.

The contacts issue may be something to do with your server configuration. If you connect to a public Exchange server like, there is no issue with syncing contacts.