Can't copy images from draft e-mail editor to other e-mail editor

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open the new e-mail editor.
  2. Insert an inline image.
  3. Save the e-mail.
  4. Close the e-mail.
  5. Open the e-mail from the drafts folder. (It should be opened in the editor.)
  6. Open a separate new e-mail.
  7. Copy/cut the image from the draft e-mail into the new e-mail editor window.

Result: the image is pasted as a black rectangle symbol indicating that there is a problem of some sort. The image can still be pasted into other programs without problems.

This might also apply to “.eml” files that are opened and other situations.

Thank you for reporting this problem. I have forwarded it to our developers so hopefully it will be fixed soon.