Can't copy and paste calendar events

This used to work, now it crashes eM Client when you attempt to paste. I’m working with google calendars. If copy/paste isn’t allowed then it should at least just alert us and not crash the app

What’s happening to eM Client? Seems to be falling apart. Syncing with google accounts can also take a long time now and find myself logging in to the gmail web site to check for emails. Looking for alternatives.

Try repairing your Google Calendar.

(To Repair Google Calendar in eM Client).

Click the Calendar icon at the bottom left of eM Client.


Then “Right click” your “Gmail Calendar” and “Click Properties” at the bottom

Next click the “Repair” tab at the top and finally click “Repair”. This will take time as eM Client has to rebuild the local calendar cache etc

Next if still the same problem, then could be you might need eM Client updating. You can check for the latest versions via the following webpage.

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