Can't connect with Yandex

Dear friends,
I can’t connect my mail account ( service ). eM check the accuracy of account information but can’t download folders and messages unfortunatelly. Pls help

are you getting any error messages? If so,could you post here a screenshot? What would also help us is your IMAP log.

thanks, i find decision. So, I should wait when emClient finalize my e-mails ( 10 000 units ) sync. Now, everithing is good.


I’m having the same problem as the OP. I use both Gmail and Yandex. My Gmail syncs brilliantly with eM client 5, but my Yandex mail does not. It has loaded the subfolders, but not the actual messages and content. All of the port settings and SSL language is the same as how I have it set up in Outlook, which is disappointing.

I like eM Client so far, but if I can’t connect to Yandex, which is significantly more important than my Gmail account, the service is pointless.

Please advise.

If you would aslo like to see “delayed Send” added to emClient, please vote for it here:…


please contact me on send me link to this topic so I can identify you easily.

with regards