Can't connect, can't get advice.

Does anyone know the correct server settings for Comcast xfinity email? eM Client refuses to connect to Comcast server. Can’t get support without buying the program. Can’t buy the program until it proves it can work. Is anybody out there?

Can you post here a screenshot of the error message?

George, thanks for your reply! Further research and tweaking of the Accounts dialog has got me up and running, and has turned up the following:

Comcast specifies Port 995 for POP3 incoming mail, and gives Port 110 as a second choice.
Comcast specifies Port 465 for SMTP outgoing, and gives Port 587 as a second choice.

As I think I now understand it:

Port 110 is for unencrypted messages, and is therefore basically a security risk.
Port 465 is not as secure as it could be.
Port 587 has okay security.

As it turns out, when I finally got eM Client to connect with the Comcast mail servers (by using the Diagnose and Fix functions) the only Ports I could use, and am now using, are:

Port 110 for POP3 incoming
Port 587 for SMTP outgoing

I am totally unable to use:

Port 995 incoming
Port 465 outgoing

Port 995 incoming is Comcast’s chosen Port because it has good security, but I can’t use it.
Port 465 is Comcast’s second choice, with iffy security, but I can’t use it.

My present usable and working configuration is:

Port 110 incoming POP3
Port 587 outgoing SMTP

I would like to use Port 995 for maximum security, but I can only use Port 110.
I’m okay with Port 587.

In order to get a screenshot of the error dialog I would have to reinsert the Port numbers that don’t work, and now that it’s working I’m afraid to break it again.

My only question now would be, is there any way I can use Port 995 for maximum security?

Thanks truly for your help

I am getting following error message. I am unable to connect my Gmail Account to thru em Client.
please help.

Attached is the error messages. Note I am following the default settings.

Jigar Vabale----

eM Client has a handy little “Diagnose” tool that finally got me connected, and it’s worth a try.

You can find it at Tools/Accounts/Diagnostics Tab.

Make certain that your User Name and Password are correct on both the POP3 Tab (incoming mail) and the SMTP Tab (outgoing mail). If they are not correct, you will never connect.

Then click on Diagnose and wait while the program tries different ports and combinations. It might take some time.

It’s likely that you will see the word “Fail” pop up, and in that case just press the “Fix” button. You might have to press Fix for both POP3 (incoming mail) and SMTP (outgoing mail).

If you then see “OK” green lights for both incoming and outgoing, there is a good chance you will be able to get your email, although you might find that you are switched to port numbers that have lower security. Bring your good luck charm.

If you want to use port 995 try to change Security policy to “Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)” It should work.

Thanks George for your expertise, port 995 works on SSL/TLS special port (legacy). Oddly, it took about 25 minutes after I made the port change for any messages to transmit, either outgoing or incoming. Then it started working normally, and continues to work. It seems that the providers have made their connect protocols so overly complex and so quirky that only experts can figure it out. What a geeked out mess, and thanks truly for your solution to it.

Hi gw,

Thanks for the advice.

However I have already tried this option but during the diagnosis, the result shows ‘the server is not responding’ and when i try to fix the issue…it says fixing failed.

Is there any particular setting required?

Hi Jigar Vabale,

I feel your pain, and yes indeed, this kind of complication that surrounds email servers is way too hard for the average innocent user like yourself and myself.

However you are right, there are specific settings, and without them there is no email. My best suggestion is that you go to the website of your email provider and look for their exact recommended settings – which are probably there, but not always easy to find. Might even have to call their Tech Support.

When you set up an account under Tools/Accounts, just entering your email address and password should be enough to connect you to the email provider and automatically discover the correct settings, but as I found out – not always, and this problem is not unique to eM Client, it is a systemic problem involving national and international security. If the automatic system fails, then you need to start trying different variations.

You need to know the exact names of the incoming and outgoing servers and some other details:

HOST for incoming mail:
There are two basic kinds: POP3 (ordinary mail) and IMAP (for synchronizing your messages across various devices). If your provider offers both, I guess you can choose which one you want. They will give you the exact name of the server for the service that you want, and you must use it.

PORT for incoming mail:
They will tell you the number of the Port. They might give you more than one. Good luck in choosing which one.

Don’t be intimidated by the weird names, just use the one they specify. If they don’t specify it, or if it’s incorrect, then I would say you need help from eM Client. This was my downfall, and George supplied the correct answer.

You have to check the box, or not check it, and the provider should tell you which, but maybe they don’t.

Just make sure your email address and password are EXACTLY correct.

SMTP outgoing mail:

Again it’s the same things:


When you have entered all this information the best way you can, then the Diagnostic function can do a pretty good job of editing your settings and correcting any uncertainty – but not always.

You also have to be aware that even if you have the settings perfectly correct, the server might not respond at all for a long time, up to half an hour in my experience. So you might go ahead and change the settings to something else, when in reality if you had waited a little you would have found that it was working. You didn’t need THAT extra level of
complication, did you?

This is everything I learned from my two days of frustration, and I hope you have good luck with your problem.

The fact is, security around email servers is so tight and so complex that this is like a Frankenstein system. What a mess, and the email Service Providers need to get together and clean this up. I have found that eM Client is a really nice program once you can penetrate the maze of Internet security measures.


Thanks gw.

My mail service provider is gmail. I will try and search for any particular settings suggested by them in India.


If you have any difficulties setting your account just contact me directly at

WooHoo! Back to 110 and changed to 587 and now I can send again! Comcast tech Thanks you guys!

Norman, you are right. ha ha, I had the same experience:
Comcast tech support=NO.HELP.GO.AWAY.