Can't configure IMAP accounts


I’ve tried for hours to setup my 2 email accounts, one of them is a hotmail account, the other is one from my provider.

With the hotmail account I always get the message: “This server was found but authentication failed”, although my email address and password are correct.

The other email account gives another error during setup: “There was a problem finding the exchange server”, although I checked Microsoft’s support site for the correct settings.

Can someone help me out please ?

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Worth a try… stop your AV software, if one is active.

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Amazing man, this worked ! :slight_smile:

I’m just wondering: do I need to keep my anti-virus off ? Because that wouldn’t be safe of course…

Most AV software contains an “exception list” option where you can add eM Client

I just did that, but then I get red triangles with an exclamation mark behind the account name :confused:

BTW: I’m using AVG Free

Is the error the same as the original one?

Yes, it’s just the same.

So turning off the AV does not help? Beyond my pay grade at this point other than to suggest you ensure your Account settings are correct…

Yes, turning of the AV did work, but adding an exception and turning it back on results in the same error. I also tried making 2 firewall rules to allow the client to acces the internet, but that didn’t help either. Oh yeah, I installed this on 2 computers, laptop and desktop. On my desktop I have the same configuration (so also AVG Free) and there it works without even adding an exception or turning the AV off :thinking:

If I turn AVG in Passive mode, it works, but the disadvantage of this is that the real-time protection is turned off.

Welcome to the world of v8 on-going problems by the boat-load.

Perhaps you have not added the correct app or need to add more than what you already added. Theoretically adding the correct verbiage to the exception list should result in the same reaction to that of turning off the AV.

That’s what I think also. I tried excluding the .exe file only and also the whole eMClient folder, but no change. :frowning:

Can I ask if you are using an AV and if so, what AV is it ?

Of course you can ask :grinning:

I use the Microsoft Defender AND I use POP3 ONLY… :wink: without an exception list

Oh, that’s not a lot :slight_smile: I use AVG Free, Malwarebytes, AdwCleaner and Spybot because I was hacked recently and lost a lot of money on the hackers. Luckily, the bank has payed me back. But only MS Defender, do you think that’s enough ? I used POP3 also in the past, but find it easier to work with IMAP because the messages are kept on the server, which is easy if you work with different devices…

That is very unfortunate! I do think Defender is enough and base that on 55 years in the IT technical field, now retired.

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