Cant change font in eM client.

Why will my font not change in eM client? I highlight the text, I select the font I want, and nothing changes. Same thing happens with font size and color.

Hi, do you want to change font in which you write or read?


Im trying to change the font (formatting in general basically) when Im creating and sending emails, whether its a new email, a reply, a forward, etc.

What is the format of your e-mail: HTML or plain text?

You can only change the font of e-mails when those e-mails are in HTML format.

See screen shot:

Yes, I have HTML selected for all new mail formats and all reply mail formats. I also have a preferred font selected. Also, your screenshot doesn’t match what I have in my eM Client. Your screenshot looks like Outlook. Here is a screenshot of my tools>settings>mail

My screen shot is not showing the general settings, it’s a screen shot which you can get when composing an e-mail.

(Look at the text in the window header of my screen shot.)

OK, yes I see that now and my HTML is selected. I think its a big because sometimes the font does change when I try to format it, sometimes I have to hit it like 3 times and it goes and/or sometimes I have to select only the text that’s different from the rest vs the whole email. So it works sometimes, but not others and when it does work its wonky.

Hi, this looks like you are trying to reply to plain text email with HTML and vice versa. Can you please confirm it or try to find exact situation when you are having troubles with formatting?


Ive checked and my reply/forwarded, etc emails are always in html

Hi, I am sorry for delayed answer, if you are still experiencing this issue, could you send me one/two of these emails exported into .eml to

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I have exactly this same problem, was a solution ever found? I also find that if I copy and paste from a Word doc into an email that I’m composing it looks fine (same font and size as other text I’ve typed in) but if after sending that email it is replied to the pasted text is a different size in the reply, and possibly when displayed on the recipients screen. Any ideas?

Hi Neil, what version of eM Client are you currently using? Are you able to replicate the issue, could you possibly make a screenshot of the issue (composed message from your sent folder and from your inbox, once it’s received)?

Thank you,