Can't add Yahoo account

Well, I have downloaded the fix for v8. It now gets me to a password enter pop-up from Yahoo.
But I always get password incorrect. I have tried both my Yahoo password, and the app password I generated.
I still have the manual set-up acct in emClient, since I dont have the auto acct working yet. Is the app password from Yahoo only good for one acct?
I could live with using my manual set-up acct. But it doesnt have the Calendar. Is there a way to add that? I dont recall selecting only mail from the set-up.


When you use the Automatic Setup, it should add email, calendars and contacts. If you setup the account manually, then only email will be there. You can add the calendar as a separate account.

What I would suggest though, to overcome all the issues, and have the calendar setup with the email account, is to remove your Yahoo! account from eM Client, then set it up again using the Automatic Setup.

I don’t use Yahoo! but I believe you need a separate app password for each account. Maybe a Yahoo! user can confirm that.

Thanks for your help.
When i delete an account, it informs me all local folders will be deleted. I have saved many emails to local folders, so I have them archived. I dont want them deleted. What will happen to my local email folders if i delete the auto acct?


If the account is setup as IMAP, then the messages are stored on the server, so nothing will be deleted. After removing the account from eM Client, then adding the account again, it will resync those messages from the server.

To check if you are using IMAP, go to Menu > Accounts. You will see either an IMAP or POP3 tab.


If the account is setup as POP3, then the messages are stored in local folders and not on the server. Removing a POP3 account from eM Client will also delete the local folders for that account.

There is a difference between a POP3 local folder, and Local Folders.

When you delete a POP3 account, the local set of folders (1 above) will be deleted.

Messages stored in Local Folders (2 above) will never be deleted when you remove an account.

If in doubt, always make a backup using Menu > Backup, before deleting an account.

I too am having problems adding my outlook account (upgraded so I could add this account!). I have downloaded the updated version 8.0.3499. I have followed instructions and still getting " this folder contains no items and no operation can be performed". If I check settings I get “” not “” and use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy). port is 993. Similar thing with SMTP, - instead of . etc etc.

I have tried both automatic and manual set up and still nothing works,

Any help would be much appreciated. Would rather get this sorted than get a refund which i have asked for.

This thread is discussing issues with Yahoo! not Outlook.

But anyway, your settings should look like this:


That is what is used for the Automatic Setup, and works on my computer.

If it is not working for you, when are you getting this error? Can you give a screen-shot?

Thank you for your reply, sorry got Outlook and Yahoo mixed up - this is my first venture in to forums, not sure how to get into the Outlook thread!

This is how the screen looks - not sure if you will see this

Here are my settings

They are the same as yours.

I just get the red triangle and if I click on that a Connection Failed notice

If you can’t see the images give me a hint on what to do

OK, what is happening is that the initial sync has not happened for the account. Once it has, your Inbox will appear at 3, the same as for accounts 1 and 2 below. Then the message 4 will be replaced by your emails.

One thing you can try is to go to Menu > Accounts and remove the account. Then, with your anti-virus application disabled, add the account again. Once it has completed the initial sync, the folders will appear.

Thank you, it worked when I disabled anti-virus.

Now to test how it works for me

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Is that fixed now? I get the same error like the first post.

@justti96 You had to currently manually setup your Yahoo account (and not use the normal automatic setup) via the “Mail / Other” option.

(Quote from @Olivia_Rust post at the top)

In the meantime, the only way to set up a Yahoo account is manually via the Mail>Other option so you can insert a password directly (app password) instead of being taken to the oAuth login

@justti96 This Yahoo issue has also now been fixed with new updated versions of EMClient. See the following link.

FIXED! Yahoo Accounts and eM Client

@cyberzork why the update is not show if i click menu -> check for update?

Use this link

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@justti96 This has always been the case. I suspect this is eg: not to automatically force new updates on users incase there is any issues which may arise.

So as @sunriseal advised to check manually just go to the release history page.

Note: Apart from manually checking for new updates via the release history page, EM Client will sometimes (when you open it) automatically bring up an update wizard to prompt you to update if it detects an outdated older version.

How do you find that “Mail > Other” option? I see a “Menu” dropdown, but there is no “Mail” or “Other” option. Maybe you have a link that describes this action?

Go to Menu > Accounts, click on Add account, then Mail > Other.

I have exactly the same problem. eM Client updated today and completely crashed. I uninstalled and reinstalled now can’s add my Yahoo account. I have tried the automatic and manual method. Any ideas?? I have used eM cliant for years without a problem.

– DE –
ich habe auch das Problem das Yahoo nicht funktioniert.
habe probiert.

  1. Automatisch einrichten (Yahoo Account how to link)
  2. Andere (kann keinen Port angeben nur den Link immer)
  3. Konto Hinzufügen (Yahoo!)

bei allen klappt es nicht :frowning:

Hat jemand ein Lösung für das Problem?

Gruß Mücke

– EN –
I also have the problem that Yahoo does not work.
have tried.

  1. set up automatically (Yahoo Account how to link)
  2. other (can not specify a port only the link always)
  3. add account (Yahoo!)

with all of them it does not work :frowning:

Does anyone have a solution for the problem?

Greetings Mücke

I bought new PC on Windows 11 and I had some issues to create Yahoo account.
Automatic mode worked well but manual mode didn’t work and I needed to create Yahoo account in manual mode.
So, I found solution [Generate and manage third-party app passwords | Yahoo Help - SLN15241 (Generate and manage third-party app passwords | Yahoo Help - SLN15241)
By generate third party apps password.
it is this password that I had to use to configure Yahoo account in EMClient and now it works.