Can't add email : "Unusual Browser Error"

When adding an email, I run into the following error and am unable to proceed further:

“Your browser is a bit unusual…
Try disabling ad blockers and other extensions, enabling javascript, or using a different web browser.”

Please advise on how to resolve this.

This is an error you get when working within eM Client app?

Yes. That is correct.

Can you post a screenshot of the error?
What is the version of eMC you are running?
By “adding an email” do you mean clicking on NEW to create a new email?

Version is 8.2.1473

Have you tried going directly to your email host/provider and sending an email from there?
Who is your email host/provider?

I don’t see how that can help. I want to be able to add this email to the EM Client and the only way i know how is it has to be done from within the app.

Then I will withdraw from this discussion and perhaps someone else can help you.

Thank you for trying.

This is being discussed at: Office 365 login, Unusual Browser error

eM Client version 8.2.1509, available from the Release History provides a fix for this issue with GoDaddy.

After upgrading you can remove the registry entry, then remove and re-add the account in eM Client