Can't add AT&T email account

My gmail account and my outlook account were added easily but I have deleted the outlook account and now am trying to add one of my AT&T email accounts i.e. and smtp.mail.att - but cannot. I used the exact same settings as in another client.

The free version of eM client only allow up to 2 email account if you have more like me you have to pay for the pro version.
The workaround I found if your AT&T is pretty much just to read your the incoming email, I would suggest you to set it as an Alias on your Gmail using SMTP Sending from that Alias through eM client will send them to spam of your recipient inbox this is the only downside.

What errors are you seeing in MENU > OPERATIONS?

ANy other information you can supply, like version, operating system, account settings, etc? The more info you supply the easier for the volunteers to offer suggestions.

I used the same setting as on my Thundrebird which is working Port 993
smtp.mail.att,net Port 465
Diagnostics SMTP -server not responding

Diagnostics - IMAP - continues testing
Ultimately both show ? Unknown
On main screen -An attempt to connect has failed

Can you disable your anti-virus/firewall application and try again.

I am using a Macbook Pro - Can you tell me where the antivirus software is?

Maybe something to ask on a Mac forum.

Thank you Gary, Sunriseal and Shaun Y.
I found emails about a Yahoo problem. is actually hosted by Yahoo. I upgraded to emclient version …99 and now everything works through the automatic intall of Yahoo - it takes me to the at&t login and then - VOILA!

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I had the same problem. Here is what worked for me. I was receiving my ATT emails through eM Client with no problem until a couple of months ago, then started getting error messages and wasn’t able to access my ATT emails anymore. I found out that ATT email is now hosted by Yahoo. I found out that ATT/Yahoo requires you to use a secure mail key as your password when you set up the mail account in eM Client. (Other email services such as AOL refer to the mail key as the “app password.”) Instructions for how to create an ATT secure mail key are at this link: If you already have your ATT email account configured in eM Client and it is no longer working, it might be easier for you to delete that account and recreate it. Then you can use the automatic setup with your secure mail key as your password and it should work with no problem. Hope that helps.