Can't add account using comcast or Gmail

Version 8 thru 8.1.1054 cannot add comcast account. I get “the server was found but authentication failed, check the email address and password”
Cannot add gmail account no error message just does not send to receive mail.
Win 10 using Avast anti virus and cleanup.
Been trying to get this working for a month with no success.

Did you do that?

Is your email account configured with an app password, and you have used the account password instead when adding the account to eM Client?

Go to Menu > Operations and look for errors in the Log tab. Often connection issues can be caused by anti-virus/firewall or VPN applications blocking the connection. Completely disable Avast and any firewall/VPN and try again. If that works, you will need to configure those applications to allow eM Client.

Sometimes restarting the router can also help.

Thank you for responding. Turning Avast off fixed the problem. I still haven’t figured out how to get Avast to allow the mail program to work. But I can always add a different Antivirus.
Again thank you Gary

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