Can't access or sync Yahoo mail

I’ve been using eM Client for 3 years without an issue. 2 days ago I lost both send and receive capability. Through AT&T I reset my Yahoo e-mail password and I am able to view all incoming mail via Using the same login credentials within eM however I cannot connect. I’m entering the same credentials in General Authentication tab with POP3 and SMTP selected as “Use identity credentials” and I’ve also tried entering the same info into each separate tab.

Port and server settings still match what AT&T has published on their site.
|Email protocol|Inbound server|Inbound port|SSL|Outbound server|Outbound port|

Up until a few months ago I was using a secure mail key but disabled for better remote access. That was a while ago and I can’t think why it would effect now.

The eM diagnostics fails immediately on outbound and after 30 sec the inbound POP3 says Server not responding; attempted fixes also fail.


Could be your AT&T Yahoo server is eg:- maybe no longer supporting POP and you might now then need to setup IMAP with an OAuth token via the “automatic account wizard”. So maybe see if IMAP setup works.

The advantages too with IMAP is also all your server mail is available “on all your devices”. Much better.

So if you do setup Yahoo as IMAP to try, once setup if that works ok, you can then eg: drag / move all your existing POP mail and mail folders to your Yahoo IMAP account and eventually remove the old POP account once it’s all transferred over.

Ps Ive personally been using Yahoo via and IMAP setup in eM Client for sometimes now and works fine.

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Yep, moving over to the IMAP protocol seems to have solved it. Thanks so much!

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