Can't access my email account.

Thought this was going to be my Outlook replacement. Installed, and set up my email account (GMail) and it downloaded mail I was impressed. Subsequent attempts to run program get error that it can’t log into my email account.

Exact Error: [XMPP] An attempt to connect to [email protected] failed. This could be caused by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings.


Ok, been dealing with this for a couple days. Only way I could get new mail in my inbox was to delete the account and re-add it in. Would get all mail upon adding the account, but get the above error message. Before, any attempt to “send/receive” would produce the error.

Now, I still get the above error message everytime I open eM Client, but new email will go in and out while it is open.

Very strange. Any ideas about getting rid of this annoying error?

if you do not use GTalk, you can simply open the account settings and disable the Chat service. The error message should disappear.

Hmmm… looking back I don’t think I thanked you for that info. I meant to, but guess I didn’t get back after I used your info to fix my problem. Had no idea what that message meant. :slight_smile: