Can't accept calendar appointment when sent to alias (GMail business)...

I get an error accepting accepting a calendar event that was sent to an email ‘alias’. My host is GMail business. This alias is also registered with GMail as another valid email account. The specific error is below. Is there anyway to work around this?


  1. Friend invites me to a calendar meeting to an alias account [email protected] which forwards to my main GMail business account: [email protected]
  2. I accept the meeting in eM Client
  3. eM Client tries to upload calendar event to my GMail account, but get error.

[eM Client ERROR]
Uploading item(s) to folder
‘burton@[]/burton@[]/’ failed with an error: The owner of the calendar must either be the organizer or an attendee of an event that is imported.

What version of eM Client are you using?

The latest version. Just downloaded 3 days ago from the website. I added my “alias” email to my account settings and it seemed to have avoided this error. However, I tested again with another appointment and I accepted the appointment - all worked well. However, when I went to change the status from “accept” to “decline”, it wouldn’t remove from the calender. Strange. YOu think these are related?

I am not sure - can you please send me the event saved in .ics format? Thank you.
[email protected]

I eventually manually deleted it. I will test again this morning to reproduce and send one over to you. thanks.