Cannot update eMC with newly changed Rogers-Yahoo App Password


I set up a Rogers-Yahoo email account in eM Client and it worked as expected.

However, I changed the ‘App Password’ in the Rogers Member Centre but cannot find any place in eM Client to change the password - including in the obvious place: Accounts.

When setting up the account in eM Client, I was pushed to an ‘embedded’ webpage to enter the username/password. Does this mean that the only way to change the password is to delete the account from eM Client and then add it again using the new ‘App Password’?

Apologies if I’m missing something obvious. I’ve searched the forums but found nothing that points to anything useful so I came here!

Many thanks!

The only way I’ve found to apply a password change (regular password or App Password) using eM Client in the template-based (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, AOl, Exchange) scenario described above is to delete the account and add it again.

Is it possible to add a mechanism to eM Client that lets users update the password without having to delete the account? Perhaps eM Client is limited by the API used by Yahoo.

Using non-template-based email services (eg: ‘Other’ including IMAP and POP) is not a problem.