Cannot sync with Google

I just started having this problem yesterday, Thursday, September 15, 2022, I’m in eastern USA. I use the Avast anti-virus program. eM Client was failing to sync with Google, and also with two other email accounts I have, all IMAP: and I first followed the steps listed here, removing my eM Client account from Google, then restarting eM Client. I got the popup in Firefox from Gmail asking me to authorize eM Client. I did that. Still, syncing not working on all 3 accounts. So, I temporarily stopped all the shields in Avast. Upon restarting eM Client, one outgoing email to my Gmail account got sent, and the freeshell and 1-voip accounts now synced. But still, Gmail will not sync my inbox or other folders that contain incoming mail.

I have the Evolution email client configured in a Linux VM. I just started that, and it is syncing with Gmail without issue. So this is an eM Client problem only.

[EDIT 9/17/22] Today, both my Google and other email accounts were again failing to sync. Knowing that temporarily disabling Avast anti-virus at least allowed the other account to sync, I again disabled Avast and clicked Refresh in eM Client. All my accounts successfully synced, including Google. I opened a ticket with eM Client - I bought a lifetime license. I’ll update that with the observation that for me at least, this appears to be a conflict with Avast. For those using AVG, note that these two merged awhile ago, so they’re basically the same now. Hopefully this will help somebody.

[EDIT 9/19/22] I finally got eM Client working again, with all Avast shields running. I had to change my account settings from:

port: 993
security policy: Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

port: 587
security policy: Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

Email receipt works fine with these settings, but sending was failing. I changed SMTP to:

port: 587
security policy: Force usage of SSL/TLS

And now I’m able to send and receive again. I opened a ticket with eM Client, after spending the $10 for the privilege, but was essentially told “talk to Avast, this is their problem”. I figured this out myself. I doubt I’ll get my $10 back.

I needed help to recover from eMC’s cock-up of a few weeks ago. This latest failure is totally inexcusable, so I am uninstalling the program and going elsewhere for my e-mail service.

Cyberzork, after spending over an hour yesterday removing my eM Client from Google, changing browsers, rebooting multiple times, and re-adding eM Client to Google, it finally started syncing again. If this happens again–and I’m sure it will–I will try repairing Google calendar.

My main concern with this issue is that there is no way of knowing it didn’t sync unless I happen to go directly to my Google calendar and see that there are entries that are not on eM Client. My husband shares his Google calendar with me, and that was the only reason I found out that it wasn’t syncing. I happened to look at the Google calendar on my Android phone, and saw that he had entered appointments that did not show up on eM Client. In the past when this happened, I have missed appointments. So embarrassing to have to tell people that it wasn’t my fault–it was my calendar’s fault. “Yeah, sure it was,” they think.

Big66Bumble47, what e-mail client will you switch to? I also looked into other clients, but to be honest, it looks like all of them have issues and complaints. I really love eM Client when it works, but I, too, am looking into other options. I haven’t found one that seems to have the same features as eM Client, though, and I’d rather not switch if eM Client can only get this issue resolved. Which one will you be using?

Hello Jean,

I have switched to Yahoo Mail. This seems to work OK (so far!) although I do receive a few unwanted advertisements. Good luck.


Big66Bumble47, thanks for that info. Yahoo won’t work for me. I like that eM Client has Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks. I love everything about eM Client–except that it keeps having these problems that never seem to get fixed.

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Those are the exact settings I have been using, but my calendar still is not syncing with Google. I am really ready to scream. I have gone through these hoops so many times, and it eventually starts syncing again after multiple changes of default browser, rebooting, etc., but then in a matter of hours or days, it stops syncing again. Repairing the calendar did not make any difference.

Does anyone have a permanent solution to this? Thanks.

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I just verified my calendar is syncing. I had just entered a new event via my cell phone this afternoon. After reading your message, I see that the new event is showing on my eM Client calendar.

You’re correct, these repeated syncing problems are annoying. Hopefully, mine will be stable for a long time. Unfortunately, I don’t know of a better email client with IMAP email, calendar and contact syncing with Gmail. Up until 8 years ago, I was using ThunderBird and was happy with it, but then it corrupted a calendar at work. :frowning: That’s when I switched to eM Client. So, I guess none of them is perfect.