Cannot sync to Google calendar

On my test machine, google calendar sync works fine using my google account. I installed EM Client on a friends PC (brand new Windows 8.1) and, although email works fine to his google account, it will not sync his calender.

Are there eany settings you know of that can affect/set this? I am stumped.



PS - Paul, before you ask - it’s the latest version, downloaded Tuesday night.

Hi Alan, having the application setup the account automatically should setup both your IMAP/Calendar services for the account. Is your friend seeing any errors from the application? Is he using any security software on his computer.

Thank you,

The security is AVAST - same as on my test PC. It’s the same O/S and the same version of EM Client on both. There must be something at the Google end (I assume) but I was wondering whether there was a check box in EM Client which said “Don’t sync calender or contacts” (I forgot to say that contacts aren’t synching either).


Hi Alan, there is an option that can disable the synchronization in Tools > Accounts > Your google accounts > Calendar and Contacts, if the option was disabled however the application would not display the account in the calendar/contact view.


I will check tonight whether the service is set to “disabled” (I thought I’d checked that before, but I’ll have another look).