Cannot sync new email account

I created a new installation today of the latest EM Client V6 and setup automatically an Account for an email address I did accept an offer to transfer data from Thunderbird but I saw no sign this was done. Shortly after trying to sync the new account (Archive folder) I got an error message and received no email. “Send/Receive” produced no visible result and the diagnose button on the error window’s tab was not working.

This hotmail email address was recently moved for webmail to so logging in there I could see that the new EM Client access was recognised as a mobile device and authorised. I tried deleting the authorisation, rebooting the laptop and deleting/recreating the EM Client account - the new EM client account was duly recognised as new at but I got the same error message in EM Client (which from memory is using - or similar - as its mail server).

Any clues about the cause of this problem and how to fix it?

Hello John,
the issue is that Microsoft is discontinuing support of AirSync mail protocol for its hotmail/msn/outlook accounts.
Some servers can still work using this protocol, but others can no longer be connected to this way (even though the automatic server detection still signals it’s compatible).
You will need to setup your account again using IMAP.

To set up your accounts as IMAP, use the New Account option in the Accounts section, but instead of automatic setup choose Mail>Other.
Choose IMAP and set your incoming server as and out outgoing as


Noted, thanks for your reply. I did try these IMAP settings after some Googling but I couldn’t make them work for the old “” account. So I tried the EM Client Version 7 Beta and that’s fixed the sync problem (it seems to use IMAP by default in its Auto account setup - except contacts/calendars which appear to use AirSync (the contacts have sync’d in OK). I’m currently wondering if there’s a problem with the ongoing “Downloading Messages” after I set EM Client to download mail (“bodies”) for offline use - it’s been showing this for 12 hours and the corresponding  progress bar went from showing a small amount of green late last night to no green early this morning and now. I’ll see if the mail folder is growing in size in case it’s just a slow download speed issue that time is likely to overcome.

Hello John,
yes, we worked around this issue in version 7 to not use AirSync for Mail anymore, since we know this won’t be an option in the future.
We can’t push version 7 as official solution yet though, seeing as it’s still in BETA testing phase.
The download of the messages for offline use can take a while, depending on how many messages you have and how large the attachments are.
The issue could be with the progress bar and download speed as much as with the actual download though.


Does 7 support Exchange ActiveSync.  One of your users says he has 2 Hotmail accounts on 7 beta that work just fine with Exchange ActiveSync.  My msn accounts use DeltaSync and I have a test that seems to work with server setup.  I don’t know what protocol is being used.