Cannot sent message due to possible abuse

Am not able to send yahoo mail thru em client. getting message:

Cannot sent message due to possible abuse.Please visit

However, I am able to send message successfully when I try yahoo mail thru the browser.

Hi, this is not an eM Client issue, please contact yahoo support in order to resolve this issue, it is possible your messages are marked as SPAM etc.

Thank you for understanding,

In that case, I do not understand how mail sent directly thru Yahoo goes thru successfully?

It is possible that only external content is blocked, maybe yahoo support will be able to provide more information.

Thank you,

I got the same problem with eM Client. While using the same account with Thunderbird, no such problem occurs. Do you mean that Yahoo treats eM Client or Thunderbird differently?

Hi Dong, are you using Thunderbird using the same setup as eM Client? Are you using IMAP/POP in both applications for use with your account?

Are you seeing any errors thrown by the application, if so, can you please make a screenshot of the error and submit it to us here on the forum?

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