Cannot send message (Email recipient not accepted by the server)

Hope this helps someone. There is a bug. If you don’t have enough space (mailbox is full) this prompt comes up! Try deleting some items from your inbox and then try a send recieve

Zac, what have you found to be an acceptable space to keep this from happening? I have used 12,329,065K of 15,728,640K. Thanks! Kathy

p.s. Have moved lots of mail out of inbox, but still get error messages. My message do actually seem to be going out from gmail.

Hi Kathy,
could you paste the content of the error message here?


Not sure about the acceptable space. I just clear out about a months worth of emails from my inbox and sent items. Then I reboot. Seems to fix it… well a temporary fix. Still need to try and nail down the issue.

“An error occurred”
"Cannot send message (Email recipient not accepted by the server.)

Button “Edit Item”
     (When I click it goes to a message that I think actually went out - I just
     deleted the message)
Button “Ignore”

Thanks, Kathy

Hey all, I mentioned above the I deleted the email that apparently didn’t go out.

This seems to have solved the problem! So far I am not receiving the error message when I send emails!

Hi Kathy,
seems like only this one message (or recipient?) was declined by the server then. And you kept seeing these messages because as long as the message is in the outbox, eM Client will try to send it.
If you experience this issue again, we’ll check the message itself.


The problem exists because of an email in your outbox that cannot be delivered. In my case there was an email that was addressed to undisclosed recipient. Each time I hit send and receive, Em Client was trying to send this message. Delete the message from your outbox and the error message will cease.