Cannot Send mail

Emails are stuck in the outbox
Using Version 6.0.24928
I’m seeing an error in the Operations Dialog for both SMTP and XMPP "An attempt to connect to failed. This could be cause by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings.
When I go into Account Settings > Diagnostics and select ‘Diagnose’ my password is not getting recognized. 

No help then? I have the same problem.

Hello Jacob,
version 6 is no longer supported and we cannot guarantee it will work.

The newer version of eM Client (7) uses oAuth which is now the official way to login into Gmail accounts. Gmail gives access to eM Client through web authentication and the program does not keep your password.

Thanks. Being a pensioner now, I use free eM Client 7.1 (I reall like it) for  my old ‘hotmail’ account, i.e. Microsoft Outlook though.

Now Iit seems to me that the problem occurs with larger attachments only. 

I understand that has an attachment size limit of 10MB when sending through an SMTP client like eM Client.

Indeed, but the PDF attachment size that failed was 7MB, which  itself proved to manage, somewhat later.

So did it eventually send, or are you still stuck with this?

Yes, but I’ll test with a small attachment once more, later today. 

A 1MB attachment went allright. A 7MB promptly arrived at the recipient, but did not show up as sent,  although it did after many hours. 

Is it down to  Is gmail better? 

You mean with synchronizing? That is probably a personal choice, because everybody uses their mail servers differently. I use GMail for testing and it is OK, but so is

If you want to send bigger attachments, GMail offers a 25MB limit. You just need to be sure the receiver can accept bigger files.