Cannot send emails anymore

Hi there, since yesterday i can’t send emails anymore. I get the following message “5.2.0 spam detected”.
The same email accounts work fine with outlook so the issue is definitely em client’s. Any advice?

Sometimes it is because your IP address has been flagged, so any messages sent from an email client will be suspect, whereas when sent from a webmail interface they are not.

Some servers also detect a signature added in eM Client as spam, so if you are using signatures, try send the same message again without the signature.

That’s not the problem since I sent the very same messages to the same recipients from outlook and didn’t have any problem. And I don’t use signatures either.

Yes getting an error bounce back (5.2.0 spam detected) sounds like the specific recipients / receiving mailbox or mail server has some sort of block or restriction and not allowing you to send to them atm. I would contact the other party via alt email address and advise. Sometimes the receiving party or server has to add you into their email whitelist / allowed list to fix it.

If you cannot send to anyone, then you might have some eg: local program installed on your pc intercepting / scanning your outgoing mail in EMC and thinking its spam and not allowing it to send. Sometimes you have to configure optional installed programs “to allow” emails clients access.

No new programs have been installed or uninstalled. It just stopped working all of a sudden. I tried reinstalling, to no avail.