Cannot send attachments -

Cannot send inline or regular attachments (png files, haven’t throughly tested other file formats) through emclient using hotmail/ Bounced as spam by Microsoft filters.

If I sent the same attachments through the web interface, it sends no problem.

Any ideas?


Found the problem. If I send an email to myself (ex. to from either Emclient or by sending an email to myself through the app on my phone (haven’t tried direct web login and send) the email address will be flagged by emclient as spam, blacklisted, and sent to the junk folder.

I have to go to the junk folder, right click on the message → Move to Inbox → Move to Inbox and Remove Blacklisted Email.

Do not know if this is by design or bug but it is annoying.

The address will only be added to the Blacklist if you specifically do that yourself. It can’t be done automatically.

Be aware though that email providers can mark messages with the same from and to addresses as spam, so it could be your server that is putting it in spam.


I went to Microsoft to start off with. Had a few tickets open. They had me send the same test through the web interface, one at and another that was a link direct to the server. When I sent the message through those two interfaces it went through ok.

I send the same email through Emclient and it gets blacklisted and goes to junk folder.

Not trying to argue. Just providing information.

Yes, because they are sent differently. Webmail doesn’t use SMTP (so sending from an email application) which is where the restriction probably is, so you can’t compare them.

Ahhh, ok. Well, guess I have to deal with it then. Microsoft pretty much punted the ball once they found that it could be sent directly through the other channels.

Thank you for your time and assistance.