Cannot Search Senders


  • First screenshot shows my smart inbox, with quicksearch inactive. Looks normal.

  • Second screenshot shows smart inbox, with search on subject, sender, body, recipients. Looks correct.

  • Third screenshot shows smart inbox, with search on sender. No result, something’s wrong.

Hi, what protocol for email synchronization do you use?



could you try to check “download messages for offline use” (if you will not want it later then you can turn it off) and then when your emails will be fully synchronized try to search sender again?


no, i’d rather wait until this is fixed. for now, i can go to webmail interface to search.


well we can’t fix it if we don’t know what is causing to you that is why I was asking for more information from you.


oh, i thought you were suggesting “download messages for offline use” as a fix, not to get info.

that is why I specified that you can turn it off later. Can you tell me if you have tried it?