Cannot save a file out of email (attachment)


  1. Cannot save attachment to harddrive (any file type)
  2. Cannot convert Email to pdf and save to harddrive

Error Message:
Der Vorgang “Datei sichern” ist fehlgeschlagen.
Der Vorgang “Datei sichern” konnte sich nicht mit dem Bereichsdienst “Öffnen und Sichern” verbinden.

MacOS 13, eM Client 9.1.2109, M1 chip

This problem emerged approx 1 week or so ago. Everything was fine before.
I am using two different Macs (same software config), problem occurs on both macs. So corrupted code can be ruled out.
The problem MAY be in relation with upgrading to Mac OS 13 Maverick. I am not entirely sure though.

You mean Ventura?

If so this is a bug that that has been fixed for eM Client 9.2 which will be released later this month.


Yes, MacOS 13.0 Ventura

It is now available in the Release History.