cannot save a draft, it says folder is deleted

windows 10, latest client 7.2.34208.0  . Gmail has items in draft folder, it has “show in imap” on the server labels settings. evidently the drafts folder is not synching from Gmail.  (since I know i have 2 items in there) and even if i create another draft folder, it still gives the error message.

This also happens to me. I use ProtonMail and on my Mac I can configure Apple Mail to save drafts locally instead of trying to save it to the live Drafts folder and I had to do the same thing in Thunderbird so drafts would save locally, however I cannot find the setting for this in EM client v7.2.34949.0 on my Windows 10 desktop.

I’d much prefer eM client as I prefer the interface and icloud integration over Thunderbird, but if this is going to be a problem every time I compose an email I think I may have to go back to Thunderbird.

According to Protonmail:

“Unfortunately, because IMAP is incompatible with draft updates, email drafts are not transferred between ProtonMail’s servers and your email client.”

I assume this might be a similar issue with Gmail drafts folder.

Forgot to point out that Apple Mail and Thunderbird when set to use the email services drafts folder such as Gmail and ProtonMail, both of which I’ve used, it also causes some weird draft issues. The availability of the setting to use the local Drafts folder by default got around this and I didn’t mind it not saving in the Gmail or ProtonMail drafts folder as I don’t usually leave myself with a load of drafts.

Is anyone else having this issue with any other imap service?