Cannot rename CalDAV/CardDAV account

It’s impossible to rename cardDAV/CalDAV account.
No such edit widget.

Hello, you can rename your account in the Account settings in Tools > Accounts.

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Paul, you definitely can NOT rename _CardDAV_or_CalDAV_ account.
Yes, _mail_ account can be renamed.

Under Tools > Accounts > Your account > General, you have the input field for “Account name”, change this to adjust your account name.


No, you can not rename CardDAV or CalDAV accounts.
There is no field ‘Account name’ or sth. else!

Sorry, my mistake, I have accidentally compared this against a google calendar only account which still includes the general tab.

Your CalDAV accounts should be named based on your user credentials for the account, e.g. the username or email address.

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Why? No logic here