Cannot receive coloured brochures, emails contain 3 dots instead of text...worse upgrade ever

Contents changes in 7 causing problems

Hello Lyn,

Could you please provide us with screenshot of message with “broken” content and message itself as.eml attachment so I can have better picture of the situation we are dealing with?
Please also clarify what version of eM Client do you use.

By default, eM Client V. 7 uses the conversation mode, that is all related messages are grouped together in the right-hand pane.  As a result, the entire email string is available making the display of the entire string on each email redundant.  Therefore, the entire string is hidden on each individual email and replaced by “. . .”.  Clicking on the three dots will cause the entire string to display.

If you don’t like the conversation mode, you can turn it off by going to menu/tools/settings/mail/read and check “Disable conversations”.  The three dots will no longer appear and the entire email string will be displayed.