Cannot raise ticket after purchasing EmC Pro

I just paid for emClient PRO and gave my personal email address, received my registration code and registered the software, yet I cannot log into the following page with this email address to raise a ticket. Am I missing something here?

My error message : “(unable to find a user account with email address xxxxxx)”.


Click “lost password” in the support page and enter your registered personal email address and after submitting that, you will get a link to reset your support password.

Hey @lukabloomrox

To follow on from @cyberzork - maybe it takes a while for the support server to update, try after the weekend



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My registered email address is not working, I paid for support that I cannot request. As requested I have tried after the weekend and I still cannot log in or recover the account. Please give me a pointer on how I could engage VIP support after upgrading my account.

Earlier today I sent you an email about this issue. Please check your Inbox, or it may have ended up in your Junk/spam folder.

Try as I might, I cannot find an email about the issue. You could try sending to [redacted] (my business email address). Thanks.

Also, the “lost password” apparently doesn’t allow you to recover your username, so I’m dead in the water.

I just resent it to both addresses.

Received email and responded, thanks. I’m having issues with my em Client so didn’t receive the email !?!? I checked my native client and saw the emails.

Replied to the email, I am requesting a remote sharing session. No support yet, when can I expect assistance to materialize ?

I believe the issue with your Helpdesk account was resolved.

Please login and create a ticket with us.

I also asked you in a direct email for the SMTP error you are getting. So far I have not received that. But create a ticket and include the SMTP error in the ticket.

Sorry, Gary, we just had a double death in the family and my responses have been delayed.

I am using emClient for reception only because I cannot send any emails. This means I’m hopping between multiple clients and overall being really inefficient.

I am a community advocate where life and death ride on having safe email communication, thus I am not willing to disable any of my security software. Since emails are arriving but not sending, I may have to figure out how to add firewall rules, but as a longer term project I suppose I’ll have to resign myself to the pain for now.

Movement from Outlook to em Client was (and still is) anything but smooth, but I don’t feel like I have another choice, so I’m limping along.

I’ve stopped using emClient because now I’m having issues receiving as well as sending emails. At least 20 things went wrong all at once when importing from Outlook, I suspect this will take many months to resolve at this rate. Sigh. I’ve moved back to individual clients and am sad that this process was anything but seamless. I’m still hoping all these problems may be unwound and resolved because I still hope emClient will be able to become my primary client.

I will do my best to answer your specific questions and, although I have already provided extensive logs, I will at your request do my own filtering of those logs and will provide only SMTP errors. Please note that the sending is only one of the multiple problems being seen. I was hoping to have these resolved together in a single online support session, but I suppose I’ll have to resign myself to resolving the issues one by one with individual tickets if that matches your support model.

I’ll still resolved to make this work, and I’ll raise individual tickets for each particular problem being seen.

I understand, but you never opened a ticket with us, nor responded to my last email.

If you would like to use eM Client in the future, and you have any issues, please open a support ticket with us, and we will resolve any problems.

I raised ticket 159507. Thanks