Cannot open after upgrade

I upgraded my email on my laptop but then lost all my local folders. I then went back to a restore point to, I thought to go back to the previous version, and thus restore my local folders. However, now I cannot open my email saying it was not closed correctly last time and also giving a message saying to contact support. The first paragraph of this message is below.

MailClient.Storage.Data.DatabaseHasNewerVersionException: Data file ‘C:\Users\stephen\AppData\Roaming\eM Client/folders.dat’ has version 3 but only versions up to 1 are supported

Any help for a complete computer bozo would be appreciated.

First thing, install the latest version of eM Client, then there can be no issue with the database being from a newer version:

Hi and many thanks. I re loaded the latest version and it has cured the issue.

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